Guli’s Children


A Malayali family travelled over 5,000 kilometres all the way to China 700 years ago and settled there.  The family’s  14th generation now lives  in that country  and  some of the members  still have the records of their forefathers and the connection between Kerala and China.  These facts have been brought out in a 42-minute  short film, ‘Guli’s Children,’  directed by Dr Joe Thomas, an IIT- Chennai assistant professor hailing from Kottayam.

He conducted  a  research spanning over two years and nearly 20,000 km of field work across India and China to explore the links between Kerala and China.
‘Guli’s Children’ (Guli in China is Calicut) will be  first screened  in Malabar Christian College here at 11 a.m. on April 20 and later  in KTDC Raindrops conference hall in Chennai on April 22 . “The  film is on the history of the relations between Kerala and China,  and Calicut  was an important node in the maritime links between China and India,” says Dr Joe.


Watch the full CCTV News interview  here.

Catch the trailer of Guli’s Children here.                               

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