Nirmal A.P.


Nirmal is a UGC-JRF sponsored PhD Scholar at IIT Madras working under Dr.Joe Thomas Karackattu.He holds an MA from the Hyderabad Central University.In 2013 Nirmal has presented a paper titled "Democracy Re-Examined: Towards A Substative understanding of The Relation Between Nation-State and The Common Man" at the Annual International Studies Conference, JNU. His interest widely focuses on Indi - China relations in the context of diplomacy, socio - economic and cultural interactions between these countries. During his masters he was selecetd for the Summer Fellowship Program in IIT Madras where he worked on the topic "Economic Interdependence and Conflict".

Current Research:Examining India China relations through a Constuctivist (people's idea based) Approach.

Research Interests: Political Thought, Political Culture, International Relations, India - China socio- cultural relations.




Research Student (China Studies Centre)

Dept. of Humanities and Social Sciences, IITM

Research Guide: Dr.Joe Thomas Karackattu